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Wheel Encoders

Wheel encoders, distinct from regular encoders, are specialized devices designed specifically to measure the rotation or linear displacement of wheels or rotating shafts. They feature a wheel or disk attached to the rotating shaft, along with sensors that detect the movement or position of the wheel. This design enables precise measurement of rotational or linear motion in applications such as motor control, robotics, industrial automation, conveyor systems, and more. The unique configuration of wheel encoders, tailored for wheel or shaft measurement, sets them apart from regular encoders, making them well-suited for applications where precise monitoring of wheel or shaft movement is essential.

Application features:

  • Position and Speed Control in motorized systems for precise movement.
  • Odometry and Navigation in mobile robots and autonomous vehicles for distance estimation and localization.
  • Industrial Automation for accurate measurement of rotation, linear displacement, and speed.
  • Robotics and Manipulators for monitoring wheel or joint movement and precise control.
  • Conveyor Systems for speed, distance, and position tracking in material handling.
  • Gaming and Virtual Reality for realistic motion tracking and user interaction.
  • Human-Machine Interface for rotational or linear input in devices like knobs or touch panels.
  • Robotic Exoskeletons and Prosthetics for monitoring joint movements and accurate control.
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