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ABB – The worlds leading partner in process control and automation.

The extensive and comprehensive range of products which meet the highest quality, excellent sustainability and latest technological standards ensures that ABB is ahead of the pack.

Products include analytical analysers, ph, conductivity, turbidity, DO, redox sensors and analysers.Gauge, vacuum, absolute, differential and multi variable pressure transmitters with or without LCD displays to measure from the smallest to extremely high pressures are available.

Flow measurement principles which include electro-magnetic, vortex, swirl, thermal mass, coriolis, oval gear, variable area and DP are on offer together with all the necessary ancillary equipment such as orifice plates, valves, steam pots and process fittings. I/P’s, P/I’s, positioners and actuators are used on valve automation equipment.

Laser, conductive, guided radar, capacitance, ultrasonic, tuning fork and radar systems are used to measure continuos level in tanks, silos, bins or other storage vessels.

Videographic paperless recorders, indicators and process controllers compliment the product range.The products are available in either EX, IS or Hygienic versions.

A.I. Tek – Speed monitoring and control systems specialists.

The American manufacturer offers fast response and high precision tachometers for monitoring and protection. Various options include ma signals, SSR’s, mechanical relays, RS485 and Ex versions. The control instruments can be either Din Rail or Panel mount with 5-digit displays.

The Ai-Tek sensors which have been manufactured for more than sixty years include: side look, Hall, Bi–directional and speed sensors. They are available in a variety of options including: zero speed, digital signals, standard or custom made design and Ex for Hazardous Enviroments.

Typical applications are: mixers/pumps, conveyors, compressors, extruders, pulp/paper mills, motor control, flow meters, traction control, fans and blowers, fork lifts/cranes, heavy earth moving equipment and direction indication.

Standard or custom made Split or Solid gears compliment the product range.

ASM – Experts in the sensing of positioning, angular and inclination measurements.

A leading German company which offers innovative high quality sensor solutions for displacement, angle and inclination. Based on 40 years of experience, ASM has become well known for the development and production of position sensors.

Displacement sensors comprise of the Posiwire (cable extension), Positape (tape extension), Posichron (magnetostrictive) and Posimag (magnetic scale) devices. They are made of specially manufactured and calibrated measuring cable, tape, magnets or MR scanning heads and are highly accurate and easy to install.

The angle sensors consist of the Posirot (magnetic angle and potentiometer AWS), Posimag (magnetic incremental encoder) and Posihall (magnetic multiturn encoder).
Construction is based on a contact–free and absolute measurement, MR sensing head on a magnetic ring, and either a magnetic multiturn or high precision potentiometer.

The micromechanical Positilt inclination sensor offers contactless, wear free and absolute measurement of tilt angles ranging from 0°-180° Degrees. The MEMS technology makes these sensors particularly resistant to shock, vibrations and contamination.

The ‘Stop Time’ measuring instruments are typically used for power driven machines such as presses, sheers and robots. Digital process displays complete the range with process input signals being compatible.

Baxcell – Instrument valve and fittings specialists.

The Indian based Baxcell company is ISO 9001: 2018 certified. The company manufactures valve manifolds, stainless steel compression tube and pipe fittings, and instrumentation related accessories.

The stainless steel compression fittings are completely interchangeable with similar fittings of other manufacturers such as Parker, Swagelok, Hoke, Hylok and Hamlet.

Products include: valve manifolds (2, 3 and 5 way), needle valves (⅛ to 1 inch), ball valves (2 and 3 way:
¼ to 1 inch) condensate pots (electro polish, redoxide, zinger coated), sampling cylinders, stainless steel tube and pipe fittings (metric and imperial), vent protectors, air headers (1, 1½ and 2 inch: with 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 way outlets) and syphons (pigtails).

All of Baxcell’s products are manufactured from prime quality material. Products are processed from superior quality bar stock, closed grain forging and seamless pipe procured according to ASTM/B5 standards.All fittings are pressure tested according to QCP standards.

Castell – Everyone has the right to be safe at work.

Castell trapped key interlocks have been used as part of integrated safety systems across a wide range of industries worldwide for over 100 years. James Harry Castell patented “Castell“ in 1920 to protect people during the electrification period in London.

The company operates within the general industry, manufacturing, energy and transportation sectors offering high quality safety products. Interlocking safety switches are used in the following processes: Earthing systems, transformer access, maintaining substation equipment, loading docks, HV lines, switchgear equipment in most industrial and mining sectors.
Products include the K range of isolation keys, bolt, claw, spring, dual and multi-key interlocks. They are available as power and mechanical isolation, controlled switching, solenoid switching, time delay interlocking, valve interlocking or motion sensing interlocks.

Key exchange boxes with selector switches and access control as either single, dual or multi-key interlocks with or without safety switches are possible. Lockout/Tagout keys are either alike or differ depending on the application.

C-Star – Stable and sustainable development in pressure measurement.

Castell trapped key interlocks have been used as part of integrated safety systems across a wide range of industries worldwide for over 100 years. James Harry Castell patented “Castell“ in 1920 to protect people during the electrification period in London.

Xi’an Chinastar specialises in sensor and IOTS research and production. Products include pressure sensors and transmitters, inertial and environmental sensors and inclinometers.

These products are used in the military and industrial sectors of the market. The company is a certified ISO 9001, CMC, TUV, CE, EX and IS manufacturer of high quality sensors.

Products include electronic pressure switches, pressure transmitters, submersible level transmitters (corrosive or standard versions), high precision digital pressure transducers, smart high pressure transducers and 3-Axis accelerometers.

Typical applications are: air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive, water supply and control, engineering machinery and food and beverage manufacturers.

Delta – An association of expertise and know how.

The French company Delta was founded in 1954 and is represented internationally, is a dominant player in laser and infrared technology. The company has invested years of experience creating reliable and accurate sensors that can stand the toughest conditions created by modern steel plants.

The scanning infrared and laser sensors are used as the “reference” in the metal industry for detection, positioning of the edges and dimension measurement of product at very high speeds with temperatures varying from ambient to 1300°C. The sensors consist of a waterproof cast aluminium body and electronics that exceeds the most stringent specifications. Delta is a certified ISO 9001 company.

Hot Metal Detectors (HMD), Rota-Sonde DC and Stato – Sonde Z range of infrared detectors are available with laser alignment and bargraph display and vary according to different temperature applications.

The Rota-Sonde T series are used for loop infrared scanning, whilst the Trilas FT and Dilas FT laser measuring sensors are digital, high resolution, non-contact lasers which measure distance.

Dembla Valves – Absolute control.

Dembla Valves was founded in 1985 with a vison to achieve the highest levels of protection and excellence in its field of valve automation and control. The world class manufacturing plant in Mumbai manufactures butterfly (double offset, triple offset, AWWA, resillent seated, clearance type), ball (floating, trunnion, top entry, fully welded, V –ball, segmented), globe control (single seated, double seated, three way, angle, flush bottom), gate (wedge), globe (parabolic) and check (swing) valves.

Diaphragm, shut off, solenoid, knife gate, expanded plug, pinch, plug gate and PRV’s (Pressure Relief Valves) complete the range of valves.
The industries it targets are: oil, gas, petrochemical, power, water treatment, steel, chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and pulp and paper.

The company certifications include: ISO 9001, 45001, CE, SIL3 and ATEX. Warranties are 12 months upon installation of products. These valves are supplied together with actuators (single and double acting) and switchboxes, electro mechanical or electronic positioners if required to meet customer’s needs.

Fema – Reliability and innovation in the areas of pressure/flow and temperature.

Fema/Honeywell manufactures pressure monitors and limitors for safety applications which make a significant contribution to the safe operation of machines and plants. The company was started in 1938 in Germany and the products included: mechanical pressure switches, thermostats and magnetic valves.

In 1934 the company re-engineered its products and started manufacturing newly designed pressure and temperature switches and became the pioneer in the area of safety monitoring of pressure vessels. In 1984 Fema was integrated into the Honeywell organisation and the factory was relocated. The first range of electronic pressure and temperature transmitters were produced in the early 1990s.
Fema products are SIL2 rated which makes them useful for areas in which the functionality of safety is calculated on the basis of failure probabilities.
Products include: pressure switches and transmitters, temperature switches and sensors and flow switches/monitors.

Typical applications are: industrial facilities, ammonia plants, ventilation and air conditioning, biogas, machine construction, monitoring of boilers and burners, and welding and painting systems.

Flowline – We do our level best .

Our quality solution products measure tank inventories, automate tank processes and ensure that workplaces are environmentally safe. Flowline enables industrial manufacturers, chemical distributors, municipalities, energy and food providers to safely and efficiently manage their contained liquid and solid assets.

Level transmitters to measure solids and liquids for general purpose and intrinsically safe conditions are available. Ultrasonic, reflective ultrasonic, pulse radar, guided wave radar transmitters, single and multi- point, capacitive, buoyancy, optic and vibration switches are available ex stock.
Level controllers and indicators for both general purpose, ATEX and IS conditions can be supplied. These devices are fully programmable and thus tank linearization to measure level and volume are possible. Fittings to mount level devices include: reducer bushings (thread x thread), reducer bushings (socket x thread) and flange (ANSI x thread) tank adaptors.

The Webcal software is a PC utility program that enables users to easily configure and test compatible Flowline level sensors to their measurement and control requirements. The app is free and you merely connect your sensor onto the Fob USB adaptor.

Honeywell – The future is what we make it.

The range of Honeywell limit switches are of excellent quality, highly repeatable and incorporate long lasting contact switching cycles which are superior to most competitors products.

Machine safety limit switches (standard, micro, medium and heavy duty) are available in a range of options. The actuators/levers can be side rotary, top plunger, top roller, roller plunger, wobble, wobble cat whisker, side plunger, push–button, roller arm and cross roller.

These limit switches are also available as EX, ATEX, CSA, IEC and UI devices. Protection ratings are IP67 in most cases, with varying temperature ranges depending on the application.

Load current ratings vary from 1 – 20 Amps depending on the requirements. Switching circuit combinations vary according to the number of N/O and N/C actions as deemed necessary with either snap action or slow action modes available.

Housings can be either glass filled polyester, zinc die cast, aluminium, stainless steel, ABS resin filled or high strength thermoplastic. Contacts are either silver or gold plated.

KBK – Ideal and combinable solutions.

The German company KBK has been manufacturing metal bellows, servo inserts, safety couplings, torque limiters, line shafts and locking devices since 2003.
Metal bellow couplings are available with radial setscrews, clamping hubs, split hubs, expanded hubs, inner conical hubs and flange hubs. Shaft diameters vary from 1-90 mm depending on the application.

Safety couplings for direct drives are a combination of the optimized torque limiting systems and a coupling element which can compensate for misalignment between the driven and driving shaft.

A wide range of metal bellows or servo inserts (spider elements) are available. For safety and overload protection of indirect drives a range of torque limiters with ball bearing and/or bush bearings are offered.
Servo insert couplings with set screw, collect clamp, split hubs, conical hubs and expanding hubs together with the spider elements ensures that the correct stiffness, damping and torque transmission are applied.

Locking devices for self centering and high torque (840-36000 Nm), line shafts and rigid shaft couplings complete the range.

Micronor – Experts in rotation sensor/fibre solutions.

Since its founding in 1968, Micronor has been a global go-to manufacturer for rotation sensor solutions.Its products include geared limit switches, encoders, resolvers and motorized potentiometers.

Micronor’s extremely modular systems helps to assist the company to design prototypes in record time. Technological portfolios offers the broadest range of products from electromechanical to electronic to optical to fibre optics.

Quality and precision are exemplified by Micronor’s ISO 9000 certification. Fibre optic sensing offers measurement solutions where electrical and electronic circuits do not function. It is controlled by light (photons) and thus is not affected by temperature, high magnetic or electromagnetic and radiation fields. Fibre optic rotary encoders include: absolute, incremental, rotary ATEX and rotary MRI sensors. Linear fibre optic encoders include: absolute, incremental, linear ATEX and linear MRI sensors.

Electromechanical encoders are: position, absolute, incremental, geared, draw wire and resolvers. Moto pot/cam timers and manual and/or motorized potentiometers with 4-20ma are optional.

Tekon – In every condition we target humidity and temperature control.

The company Tekon was founded in 2009 in Busra, Turkey. The products include: electronic controllers, transmitters and related products. The company is a listed ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and its target markets are glass, food and beverage, chemical, plastics, cement and the textile industries.

The Hockey Puck (temperature transmitter) is 2-wire loop powered and fully programmable device which will accept all T/C and RTD inputs. The software and dongle are easy to install thus making this device extremely user- friendly.

The range of wall mounted RH/Temp transmitters are 2- wire loop powered and can be used in cold rooms, laboratories, storage facilities, drying tunnels and warehouses.

The standard SC temperature controllers are available in the standard DIN sizes, whilst the advanced AC process controllers are used for analogue in/output signals.

Serial communication adaptors CA02/CA11 are used for programming the complete range of transmitters.

Transducers Direct – Leading edge technology pressure transducers and sensor products.

The American company is an innovative manufacturer of leading edge sensor products providing industrial, IOT and home automation.

Product categories include: melt pressure transducers (with and without built in thermocouples), pressure switches, linear transducers, temperature switches, digital panel indicators and cable accessories.
Pressure switches can be either electronic or mechanical, whilst the temperature switches are accurate, robust and durable. Typical industry sectors include: plastics, machining, construction, food and beverage, timber and hydraulics.

Yudian – Precise measurement and control, energy saving for customers.

The Hong Kong company Yudian was founded in 1991 and designs, develops and manufactures industrial process automation controllers and indicators. The products are used in the chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and laboratory industries. The company is ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and CE certified and offers a 36 month product warranty.

Products include: A1-Series intelligent process/temperature controllers and indicators, multichannel instruments, flow totalizers, voltage/current/power meters, paperless recorders, Din rail modular controllers (up to 4 channel), transmitters, SSR’s and three phase thyristors. The devices are available in all standard DIN sizes (panel mount ) and Din Rail mount options, whilst the HMI’s dimensions are 5, 7 and 9 inch screens.

The plug in modular input/output cards are a unique and extremely useful feature which means that only a few controllers/indicators can perform many process functions. Thus the input and output cards can be either ma, V, I, HZ, SSR, P, Relay, RS232, RS485, loop powered 24 Vdc retransmission and optional isolated cards depending on the application.

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