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Wedge Flowmeters – WedgeMasters

WedgeMaster flowmeters are used to measure the flow rate of fluids in a pipe or duct, by inserting a wedge-shaped obstruction into the flow path, where the pressure drop across the obstruction is used to calculate the flow rate. WedgeMaster flowmeters are ideal for measuring low flow rates and are commonly used in industrial and chemical processes, as well as in fluid flow research. They are widely used for measuring non-Newtonian fluids such as slurries and viscous fluids.

Application features:

  • One-stop source for WedgeMaster flowmeters, all components can be obtained from one supplier with a single ordering code
  • Reduced cost and space needed for process piping, requires only minimal straight pipe upstream (5D) and downstream (2D)
  • Excellent turndown and long-term stability, durable design and construction, maintains flow characteristics even with viscous fluids
  • Easy, low-cost and accurate installation, assembly, leak testing and basic configuration done before shipment
  • Reduced installation cost by up to 50% compared to traditional DP systems.
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