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AC Drives (VSD’S )

AC Drives are essential components in the realm of electrical engineering, offering precise control over motor speed and torque by varying the input voltage and frequency. These devices are critical to a wide array of applications, ranging from conveyor systems and cutting machinery to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units.

The versatility of AC Drives is manifested in their specifications. They are designed to handle a diverse range of power supply input, rated output current, overload tolerance, and maximum applicable motor output. Further, AC Drives are equipped to work with different motor types such as induction, permanent magnet, and synchronous reluctance motors.

AC Drives come in a variety of enclosures and dimensions to fit the specific needs of an application. Their cooling methods, analog and digital inputs/outputs, and efficiency levels further contribute to their adaptability. The integration of various fieldbus systems allows for a range of connectivity options.

Therefore, safety is an integral aspect of AC Drives, with varying safety levels and performance levels depending on the specific model. Additional features may include standard torque control, inbuilt or external braking transistors, motor thermal protection, and more. These features will represent a wide range of AC Drives. The specifications for a specific drive will depend on its model and manufacturer.


Application Features:


  • Performance data such as input power supply of 200V to 400V, rated output current ranging from ND: 1,2 A, HD: 0,8 A to ND: 1 200 A, HD: 1 090 A, and overload tolerance from ND: 110% for 60 sec, HD: 150% for 60 sec to ND: 120% for 60 sec, HD: 150% for 60 sec.
  • Maximum applicable motor output from ND: 0,18 kW, HD: 0,1 kW to ND: 630 kW, HD: 560 kW.
  • Different motor types including induction motor, permanent magnet motor, and synchronous reluctance motor.
  • Varying enclosure sizes, cooling methods, and dimensions.
  • Analog input/output and digital input/output options.
  • Drive loss and efficiency details.
  • Fieldbus connectivity options.
  • Safety features such as SIL3 and SIL2 safety levels, PL e and PL d performance levels.
  • Additional features like torque control, braking transistor options, max output frequency, and motor thermal protection.
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