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Vibration Indicators

Vibration Indicators, available in both dual and single band configurations, serve as key instruments in industrial settings for continuous machine monitoring. These devices, mountable on a DIN rail, convert signals from accelerometers, dual-output vibration and temperature sensors, or proximity probe drivers into process control outputs. Certain variants offer Dual Band Technology, allowing two independent process control output signals from a single sensor. This capability makes them ideal for monitoring two separate vibration/frequency bands, such as standard vibration monitoring and ultrasonic early bearing fault detection.

Application Features:

  • Signal Conditioning and Retransmission: These devices process and convert raw data from sensors into a format that can be easily understood and utilized by process control systems.
  • Variety of Input Signals: They can accept various signal inputs including acceleration, velocity, temperature, and displacement.
  • Dual and Single Band Technology: Dual band devices provide two separate band-pass filtered outputs from one single axis sensor input. Single band devices offer a user-selectable band-pass filtered output.
  • Built-in Temperature Output: An additional built-in temperature output is standard, which can be utilized when using a dual output vibration and temperature sensor.
  • USB Configurability: A micro-USB port, along with dedicated software, allows for field configuration of input signal, scale values, filtering options, and outputs.
  • Alarm and Shutdown Triggers: These devices can trigger alarms and initiate shutdowns when certain conditions are met, offering an added layer of protection for machinery.
  • Powering Sensors: They include a built-in IEPE supply for powering sensors.
  • Proportional Process Control Signals: These devices provide process control signals to a PLC, DCS, or SCADA system that are proportional to the vibration levels set within the signal conditioner.
  • Ultrasound Frequency Signals Monitoring: They are capable of monitoring ultrasound frequency signals up to 40 kHz.
  • Compatibility: These devices are designed to be compatible with specific temperature sensors, offering a dedicated 4-20 mA output temperature loop.
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