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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

These Handheld Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are versatile devices that measure the thickness of materials using ultrasound technology. It’s a dual-mode gauge capable of handling a wide variety of material types, and it specializes in two main modes: the Pulse-Echo (P-E) mode, suitable for measuring thicknesses in materials like steel, ranging from 0.75 to 600.0mm, and the Echo-Echo (E-E) mode, used for measuring through coatings from 3 to 25mm. The gauge’s accuracy, ± (0.5% Thickness +0.04mm), depends on the material and operating conditions. The device features an auto-calibration function with a built-in 4mm block and a coupling status indicator. With its customizable settings for velocity, resolution, and high/low limit, the user can achieve accurate readings for various applications. Additional optional probes cater to specific needs such as high-temperature environments, thin material assessments, and surfaces with high scatter or roughness.


Application Features:


  • Dual-mode functionality (P-E and E-E) allows measurement of a wide range of materials and through coatings.
  • Range P-E: 0.75 ~ 600.0mm (in steel) and Through Coating E-E: 3 ~ 25mm.
  • Tolerance: ± (0.5% Thickness +0.04 mm) ensures accurate readings within specified conditions.
  • Adjustable velocity setting: 1000 m/s ~ 9999 m/s.
  • High-resolution measurements: 0.01mm increments.
  • Built-in auto-calibration feature with a 4mm block and coupling status.
  • High / Low limit setting for customization according to specific applications.
  • USB port with 40-reading memory for data transfer and storage.
  • Powered by 2 x AA alkaline batteries for portability.
  • Various optional probes available for different environments and applications, including high-temperature probe, 7MHz probe for thin material and small arc surfaces, and 2MHz probe for castings, high scatter, or rough surfaces.
  • Comes with a carry case, E-E 5Md10 probe, coupling agent, batteries, and manual for easy use and transport.
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