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Turbidity Sensors

Turbidity Sensors offer an efficient and reliable method of monitoring turbidity and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) levels. These robust sensors are capable of measuring concentrations up to 4000 NTU for turbidity and up to 100,000 mg/l for TSS. They come in a compact and durable design, making them suitable for a variety of environments, including those with aggressive or corrosive media.

These sensors come factory-calibrated, allowing for immediate use upon installation. They are maintenance-free throughout their operational lifetime and are equipped with advanced features such as in-situ cleaning, predictive maintenance diagnostics, and automatic sensor recognition and setup.

The sensors have an adaptive TSS calibration feature that improves process control and simplifies calibration. This makes these sensors one of the most cost-effective and convenient solutions on the market. The performance of these sensors is certified, making them suitable for critical applications such as monitoring water quality and filtration effectiveness in potable water treatment.

They can provide a fast response to changes in process turbidity due to minimal sample residence time, and they come with an automatic sensor cleaning feature that reduces maintenance requirements and optimizes performance sensitivity.


Application Features:


  • Reliable and robust sensor design
  • Measures up to 4000 NTU for turbidity and up to 100,000 mg/l for TSS
  • Hermetically-sealed and scratch-resistant optical windows
  • No servicing required for the lifetime of the sensor
  • In-situ cleaning
  • Advanced predictive maintenance diagnostics
  • Automatic sensor recognition and setup
  • Adaptive TSS calibration for improved process control
  • Simplified calibration process
  • Suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures
  • Fast response time to process turbidity changes
  • Automatic sensor cleaning feature
  • Compliant with ISO Method 7027
  • Ultralow back scatter for accurate measurement of low turbidity values
  • Automatic bubble rejection to compensate for erroneous readings due to degassing.
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