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Trapped Key Interlocks

Trapped key interlocks are advanced safety systems designed to maintain a sequence of operations, ensuring that one process cannot progress unless a preceding one is correctly completed. The foundational principle is the ability to remove the key only when a locking bolt achieves a specific position. These systems ensure that crucial sequences are always followed, enhancing safety and mitigating errors, especially in settings with movable parts. The Castell trapped key interlocks are integrated directly onto equipment, ensuring simplicity in operations and maximum protection. While many safety protocols like Lock Out – Tag Out (LOTO) offer a visual deterrent and some level of protection, trapped key interlocks physically restrict specific actions, thus offering a more stringent level of safety. Trapped key interlocks offer a practical, robust, and highly reliable approach to safety, especially in environments with complex operations and sequences. They operate with precision, ensuring personnel and equipment safety at every stage.

Application Features:

  • Sequential Safety: Ensures movements or operations proceed in a predetermined order for optimal safety.
  • Elimination of Human Error: Designed to prevent circumvention of crucial safety sequences.
  • Integrated Systems: The interlocks can be mounted directly onto equipment, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Predetermined Operations: Guarantees a set sequence of events, elevating the safety levels beyond conventional methods like LOTO.
  • Three-Step Mechanism: Comprises of isolating hazardous energy, transferring or exchanging sequenced keys, and accessing the protected area.
  • Initiating Interlocks: Begin with an isolation interlock, which ensures power is disconnected. This step releases the key after confirming the equipment is de-energised.
  • Transfer and Access: The released keys from the isolation phase are used in transfer or exchange interlocks to release the access keys, which then unlock the target area.
  • Physical Barriers: Provide actual impediments against re-energising equipment prematurely or unsafely.
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