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Temperature Gauges

Temperature gauges are essential instruments used in various industries to measure temperature in different processes accurately. These gauges typically operate using a Bourdon tube, which is a thin-walled tube that responds to changes in temperature by flexing or uncoiling. This movement is then translated into a temperature reading through a rotary geared movement connected to the Bourdon tube. Temperature gauges are widely utilized in the industry due to their ability to withstand harsh environments, provide accurate readings, and accommodate a broad range of temperature fluctuations.

Application features:

  • Process Medium Compatibility: Gauges can handle various media with materials like phosphor bronze, 316 stainless steel, and Monel, or by using diaphragm seals.
  • Pressure Range Accommodation: Gauges are designed to accommodate a wide range of pressure fluctuations for stable readings.
  • Environmental Resistance: Gauges can withstand temperature changes, corrosive environments, and vibrations with liquid-filled and hermetically sealed options.
  • Accuracy Levels: Temperature gauges offer various accuracy levels, ranging from test gauges (0.25%-0.3%) to less critical commercial uses (2.0%).
  • Dial Size Variety: Gauges come in various dial sizes, ranging from 40 mm to 250 mm, for different readability and accuracy needs.
  • Connection Options: Multiple connection types are available to accommodate different gauge requirements and limitations.
  • Mounting Styles: Gauges can be mounted in various ways, such as direct stem mount, remote wall or panel surface mount, and panel hole U clamp or front flange flush mount.
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