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Pressure Safety and Relief Valves

Pressure and Safety Relief Valves play crucial roles in diverse systems, ensuring safety and maintaining desired operational conditions. Their primary function is to automatically release excess pressure when the system pressure surpasses a pre-set limit. There are two main types – Pressure Relief Valves and Safety Relief Valves.

Pressure Relief Valves are designed to protect systems by relieving excess pressure when a certain threshold is reached. However, they don’t reseal once the pressure normalizes, leading to potential loss of fluid or gas from the system. On the other hand, Safety Relief Valves serve a similar purpose, but crucially, they reseal once the pressure drops back to a safe level. This functionality prevents unnecessary loss of fluid or gas, maintaining the integrity of the system.


Application Features:


  • Safety Enhancement: Both types of valves prevent overpressure situations, protecting the system and its surroundings from potential damage or failure.
  • Automatic Operation: These valves automatically control the pressure, reducing the need for manual monitoring and intervention.
  • System Longevity: By regulating pressure, these valves contribute to the longevity and durability of the system components.
  • Pressure Regulation: Pressure Relief Valves relieve excess pressure and maintain system efficiency.
  • Preventing Catastrophic Failures: Safety Relief Valves act in extreme conditions, preventing possible explosions or system breakdowns, and reseal once pressure normalizes.
  • Versatility: They find application in a diverse range of high- and low-pressure systems, including water systems, steam boilers, and pressurized gas systems.
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