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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) serve as the core for many automated industrial systems, delivering the necessary computational capacity and control required for complex procedures. A particular subset of these, virtual PLCs, distinguish themselves through their hardware-agnostic nature, heightened adaptability, smooth incorporation into IT frameworks, and superior efficiency.

A virtual PLC is essentially a complete digital emulation of a physical PLC. It is capable of executing all the functions that a traditional PLC can, but without the need for any specific hardware. These can be downloaded and inserted into your IT infrastructure, offering the ability to manage them from any location using mobile devices—an ideal feature for today’s digitally interconnected landscape.

These digital controllers offer a pathway towards more flexible and adjustable production plant configurations, which is a critical step in progressing towards digital transformation. Their flexibility enables you to adjust the number of instances as per demand, resulting in costs that correlate directly with the number of controllers you need at any given time.

One of the significant advantages of virtual PLCs is their compatibility with existing software environments, like the TIA Portal. This compatibility allows for the use of familiar tools and projects, enabling the integration of Operational Technology (OT) solutions into an IT environment without sacrificing established structures.

In addition, integrating virtual PLCs into industrial edge computing systems promotes enhanced efficiency. This combination facilitates the central operation of applications and the automation of process steps in a data-centric, software-based manner. IT mechanisms provided by these digital controllers can enable workflow and cost optimizations.

With virtual PLCs, changing requirements can be addressed promptly. Should there be an issue with a controller, immediate action can be taken from any location, averting potential disruption to production.


Application Features:


  • Entirely digital operation with no dependence on hardware.
  • Ability to scale the number of instances based on demand.
  • Smooth integration with existing software environments, such as the TIA Portal.
  • Coupling with industrial edge computing for centralized application operation.
  • Swift response to updates or issues from any location, minimizing production downtime.
  • Enables a more flexible and modular design of production plants.
  • Facilitates integration of OT and IT, boosting overall efficiency and adaptability.
  • Opportunities for workflow and cost optimization using IT mechanisms.
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