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pH Probes

pH is a scale used to measure acidity or alkalinity in solutions. The meaning of pH “ power of hydrogen “ is a value which is scaled from 0……14 . The number of Hydrogen ions determine the value of the pH. Thus the grater the number of Hydrogen ions the more acidic the solution and vice versa. The scale from 1…7 represents acidity , whilst from 8…14 represents alkalinity with 7 being neutral .

 pH is affected by temperature and is used in all processing plants and effluent plants . pH probes are available in many sizes and constructions with the reference cell being the deciding factor when looking for long life of the probe. The probe needs to be mounted in solution and is kept clean by using KCL jelly. The construction and mountings vary from application to application and it is thus imperative to clean the probe rigouresly and constantly .    


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