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ORP / pH Sensors

Predominantly designed for ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) measurements, these sensors can also be utilised for pH readings, thus expanding their versatility in multiple industrial applications. They are designed to offer superior performance in various industrial environments, demonstrating impressive resistance to harsh conditions and chemical attacks.

The standard model of these sensors can be an affordable all-rounder that comes with numerous customizable options. It typically features double junction, which ensures sulphide resistance, and can be upgraded to triple junction. The sensors often have a highly chemical-resistant body, which is built to last in extreme environments.

These sensors can operate efficiently over long distances with an integral preamplifier that supports cable runs of up to 100 meters. Additionally, they come with optional features to withstand extreme dehydration, high slurry/abrasion resistance, and high levels of HF (Hydrofluoric Acid).

The sensors’ design and technology are crafted for improved sensor performance and longevity. They offer a wide pH range of 0 – 14 and are resistant to multiple gases including Acid/Fluoride, Ammonia, Cyanide, Chlorine, and Sulphide. Furthermore, they are equipped with break-resistant glass, solid-state references, and chemically resistant body plastics.

For even tougher applications, there are series available that offer high-impact, solvent-resistant, extreme dehydration options. This resilience, paired with their reliable performance, results in lower maintenance costs and prolonged service life, making them an economical choice for industrial purposes.


Application Features:


  • Versatility: The sensors can be used in various industrial applications, both for measuring ORP and pH.
  • Affordability: The base model is affordable and adaptable, offering an excellent solution for basic industrial needs.
  • Resistance to Harsh Conditions: The sensors are designed to withstand sulphide, HF, extreme dehydration, and slurry/abrasion.
  • Long Cable Runs: With an integral preamplifier, these sensors can support cable runs of up to 100 meters.
  • Wide pH Range: The sensors can measure a wide pH range from 0 – 14.
  • Resistance to Various Gases: These sensors are resistant to Acid/Fluoride, Ammonia, Cyanide, Chlorine, and Sulphide gases.
  • Break-Resistant Glass: The glass used in these sensors is highly resistant to impact and high-velocity solids, reducing the risk of costly breakages.
  • Solid-State Reference: The sensors employ a solid-state reference system, providing high chemical resistance, resilience to contamination, and cost-effective operation in industrial applications.


  • High Chemical Resistance: The sensors are designed with chemically resistant body plastics, enhancing their durability in aggressive environments.
  • Anti-Fouling: The sensor’s design and materials help reduce fouling, leading to lower maintenance costs and extended service life.
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