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Orifice Plates

Orifice plates are a cost-effective flow measurement device that can be used in a variety of applications. By creating a restriction in the pipe, which causes a pressure difference across the plate, it allows for accurate flow rate calculations. The orifice plate is made of thin metal and is designed to be placed inside a pipe. It is available for both flow measurement and flow restriction services and can be mounted directly between flanges or include weld-neck options. This solution is ideal for customers looking for a reliable and economical way to measure or restrict flow in their system. It is recommended that you package Orifice Plates with Differential Pressure flowmeters as the two products are used together to produce the correct results.

Orifice Plate designs:
– Concentric Square Edge Orifice Plate for clean liquids/gases/steam
– Quarter Circle Orifice Plate for viscous fluids
– Conical Entrance Orifice Plate for viscous fluids
– Eccentric Orifice Plate for dirty fluids
– Segmental Orifice Plate for dirty fluids
– Orifice Plate in holder to fit between RTJ pipe flanges

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