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Nipple Fittings

Nipple fittings provide a crucial bridge in piping systems by offering an extension between two other fittings. They’re essential for enhancing the adaptability and flexibility of the system. The main types of nipple fittings include:

  1. Hex Nipple: A standard nipple fitting threaded at both ends and featuring a hexagonal section in the middle to allow for a wrench grip. This facilitates easy installation and disassembly.
  2. Hex Long Nipple: A lengthened version of the hex nipple, suitable for systems requiring more space between fittings. The additional length increases the system’s flexibility.
  3. Long Nipple: A longer variant of a standard nipple without a hexagonal section, suitable where wrench tightening is not necessary, or space for a wrench is limited.
  4. Hex Reducing Nipple: A fitting with different-sized threaded ends for connecting different-sized pipes, and a hexagonal section for easy wrench grip. It’s used for modifying the direction, branching, or pipe runs’ size.


Application Features:


  • Enhancing flexibility and adaptability in plumbing and heating systems
  • Providing crucial connections in cooling and air conditioning systems
  • Facilitating effective water supply and irrigation
  • Assisting in chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Ensuring safe and efficient power generation in oil-related industries
  • Enabling efficient gas piping and distribution
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