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Lux Meters with Permanent Probes

Lux Meters with permanent probes provide an accurate and reliable solution for measuring the intensity of light (illuminance) in various settings, including workplaces, shops, and offices. The devices are designed with sensors that mimic the spectral sensitivity of the human eye, ensuring that measurements reflect the true light conditions as perceived by the user. The Lux Meters typically come with a transport bag or a protective cap for safe storage, a calibration protocol, and batteries. Models with app connectivity may also include other accessories or features. The availability of specific features can depend on the particular model of Lux Meter.


Application Features:


  • Efficient Measurements: Lux meters with permanent probes allow for quick, simple, and precise measurements of illuminance, suitable for all common light sources, including LED (with the exception of single-color blue LEDs in some models).
  • App Integration: Some lux meters offer app connectivity, providing a seamless experience for users. The dedicated app allows for fast configuration, graphical history display, data storage, and documentation of measured values. In some models, the smartphone can also be used as a second screen for the meter.
  • Reliable Alarms: If a set limit value is exceeded, the devices can trigger an audible alarm to alert the user, ensuring that lighting conditions stay within the desired parameters.
  • Hold Function: These devices often have a hold function which enables users to freeze the last reading for a detailed analysis. Additionally, they can display minimum and maximum values at the touch of a button.
  • Wide Applications: Whether you need to ensure adequate lighting for productivity in workplaces or want to measure the light conditions in shops and offices, these Lux Meters are up to the task. Their compact size and user-friendly design make them a practical tool for various lighting conditions.
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