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Lux meters with Connectable Probes

Lux meters with connectable probes are designed to measure a broad array of indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters, including illuminance or light intensity. These tools feature an integrated, location-independent, high-precision differential pressure sensor, ensuring accurate illuminance measurement. The devices can be paired with a variety of connectable probes to cater to different IAQ measurement needs, illuminance being a primary focus. Additionally, these Lux meters support intuitive, standard-compliant measurement programs for efficient and accurate readings. They also allow on-site data documentation, which can be directly emailed or further analysed using dedicated PC software. Alternative versions of these devices may also include additional features or functionalities.


Application Features:


  • High-Precision, Location-Independent, Integrated Differential Pressure Sensor: Ensures accurate, versatile measurements across different IAQ parameters, including illuminance.
  • Connectable Probes: These Lux meters can accommodate a variety of probes to measure diverse IAQ parameters, with a key focus on illuminance.
  • Intuitive, Standard-Compliant Measurement Programs: Offering smart, intuitive measurement menus and evaluation of readings, these devices assist in standard-compliant illuminance measurements and provide optimal support for your measurement tasks.
  • On-site Data Documentation: Users can document and manage illuminance and other IAQ measurements directly on site, which can then be emailed or further analysed via dedicated PC software.
  • Advanced Probe Calibration: Allows for high-precision measurements with minimal downtime by permitting independent calibration of probes, leading to zero-error display in illuminance readings.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth® enabled probes offer the convenience of wireless measurements, reducing cable clutter and improving ease of use.
  • Large Graphic Display: Simultaneously displays up to three readings, providing a comprehensive view of the illuminance and other measurements.
  • Integrated Data Management: The devices have an internal storage capacity for thousands of measurement protocols, which can be exported via a USB port for further analysis.
  • Long-Term IAQ Monitoring: Equipped for long-term monitoring of illuminance and other indoor air quality parameters, these Lux meters make sustained environmental assessment effortless.
  • Differential Pressure Sensor: The integrated sensor enables measurements on filters and fans, in addition to Pitot tube and K-factor measurements, expanding the versatility of these Lux meters. Alternative versions of these devices may also offer these advanced features.
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