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Light Curtains

Safety or light curtains are optoelectronic safety tools designed to secure hazardous areas, primarily in industrial settings. Comprising a transmitter and a receiver, these curtains emit beams of light that, when interrupted, trigger safety mechanisms, such as halting machinery operations. These devices adhere to the rigorous safety standards set by IEC 61496. They play a pivotal role in a variety of applications ranging from ensuring safe access to hazardous zones, like robot cells and production lines, to specific uses in the food and beverage industry or overseeing material feeds on machinery like presses and saws.

Application Features:

  • Safety Compliance: Meets safety categories 2 and 4 according to IEC 61496.
  • Hazardous Area Protection: Offers reliable safeguarding of high-risk areas and gates.
  • Selectable Range: Features a wide range adaptable directly on the device.
  • No Dead Space: Achieves complete coverage when mounted in an L shape, eliminating blind spots.
  • Efficient Connectivity: Facilitates easy and secure connections via the proven M12 connector.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for robot cells, production lines, and material feed processes on machinery.
  • Specialized Designs: For food and beverage sectors, units come with protective tubes and high protection ratings.
  • Advanced Features: Some models offer floating blanking, catering to specific requirements like overseeing material feeds.
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