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Knockers, comprising of air cannons and pneumatic variants, play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations within storage and transfer facilities in industries. Their function is focused on averting and rectifying material blockages that can compromise the flow and discharge of materials from silos, bins, hoppers, and chutes.


Air Cannons/Blasters: These devices discharge a significant volume of compressed air, generating a force capable of breaking up material build-ups. Common issues like bridging, siphoning, and residue formation, especially near discharge points, can be mitigated. They are adaptable for usage in varying temperature conditions, from hot to cold. The installation of multiple air cannons might be necessary, contingent on the size and configuration of the storage unit.

Pneumatic Knockers: These knockers administer elastic shocks onto the walls of storage units like bins, chutes, and hoppers. This action is instrumental in preventing materials from settling and causing obstructions. As with air cannons, the occurrence of bridging, siphons, and residue is typically pronounced near discharge points. To effectively tackle these problem areas, multiple knockers might need to be installed, contingent on the specific design and size of the bin or chute.


Application Features:


  • Eradicate Blockages: Both air cannons and knockers are designed to tackle material build-ups, ensuring continuous material flow.
  • Adaptable Design: Depending on the size and configuration of storage units, multiple devices can be installed at identified trouble spots.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a broad spectrum of storage facilities including silos, bins, hoppers, and chutes.
  • Temperature Resilience: The air cannons function effectively across varying temperature zones, from hot to cold.
  • Safety and Efficiency: By preventing blockages, they not only ensure safety but also promote operational efficiency by minimizing downtime.
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