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I/P and P/I Converters

I/P and P/I Converters, or Current-to-Pressure and Pressure-to-Current Converters, serve as crucial devices in various control systems, enabling the seamless translation of electrical signals into pneumatic ones, and vice versa. They are commonly implemented where there’s a need to bridge electronic controls with pneumatic devices. For example, an I/P Converter can transform a standard 0/4 to 20 mA current signal into a corresponding 0.2 to 1 bar pressure signal. Available in diverse designs and robust housings, these converters are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and exhibit high immunity to shocks and vibrations.


Application Features:


  • Compact Design: With small dimensions, these converters are easy to incorporate into existing systems.
  • Varied Designs: Offered in multiple designs, from control room housings to field housings, the converters cater to diverse application requirements.
  • Robust Performance: These converters exhibit a high immunity to shocks and vibrations, with an impact of less than 1% for loads up to 10g.
  • Wide Temperature Range: With an operating range of -40°C to 85°C, these devices can function in a broad spectrum of environments.
  • Safety Approvals: They hold worldwide approvals for Explosion Proof and Intrinsic Safety, adding to their credibility and dependability.
  • Standard Signal Conversion: They can convert standard current signals (0/4 to 20 mA) to standard pressure signals (0.2 to 1 bar).
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