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High-temperature cables

High-temperature cables are designed for applications that require superior temperature resistance and durability. They are essential for ensuring accurate and reliable temperature measurements in demanding environments. Two common types of high-temperature cables are Multi-Core NFG S/S Braided Cable (copper nickel plated core) and Single-Core NFG Cable (pure nickel core). Each type offers unique characteristics that make them suitable for specific applications in various industries.

Multi-Core NFG S/S Braided Cable (copper nickel plated core):

These cables feature multiple copper nickel plated cores, providing excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to oxidation. The stainless steel (S/S) braided sheath offers added mechanical protection, making these cables ideal for applications requiring durability and resistance to abrasion or physical damage. They are suitable for use in high-temperature processes and harsh environments.

Single-Core NFG Cable (pure nickel core):

Single-Core NFG Cables use a pure nickel core, offering superior temperature resistance and excellent electrical conductivity. These cables are well-suited for applications where high-temperature stability and accuracy are crucial, such as in furnaces, kilns, and aerospace industries.

Application Features:

  • High-temperature resistance: Both Multi-Core NFG S/S Braided and Single-Core NFG Cables
  • Excellent electrical conductivity: Both Multi-Core NFG S/S Braided and Single-Core NFG Cables
  • Resistance to oxidation: Multi-Core NFG S/S Braided Cables (copper nickel plated core)
  • Enhanced mechanical protection: Multi-Core NFG S/S Braided Cables
  • Superior temperature stability and accuracy: Single-Core NFG Cables (pure nickel core)
  • Suitable for harsh environments: Both Multi-Core NFG S/S Braided and Single-Core NFG Cables
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