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Hardness Testers (with built-in printers)

Handheld Hardness Testers with built-in printers are compact and practical devices engineered for measuring the hardness of various metal types. Their expansive measuring range and high precision make them a versatile tool, suitable for diverse settings, from industrial facilities to on-site inspections. These testers utilise the Leeb rebound hardness testing method, effectively assessing hardness on large, solid structures and on surfaces where traditional methodologies might fall short. Notably, the integrated thermal printer allows instant printouts of test results, enabling immediate data analysis. With the capacity to store up to 600 data sets and a USB interface for effortless data transfer, these hardness testers offer a comprehensive solution for hardness measurement tasks.


Application Features:


  • Broad Measuring Range: Designed to measure hardness values ranging from 170 to 960 HLD.
  • Multiple Conversions: Capable of converting HLD values to other widespread hardness scales (HRC, HRB, HB, HV, HS) and Tensile Strength (UTS).
  • Multifaceted Impact Device: Equipped with an impact device suitable for a majority of hardness testing scenarios.
  • Directional Versatility: Permits testing at any angle, both manually and automatically.
  • Spacious Memory: Accommodates up to 600 data sets, comprising measured value, scale, impact direction, and material type.
  • Integrated Mini Thermal Printer: Facilitates immediate printouts of test results for instant analysis and record-keeping.
  • USB Interface: Provides a seamless way to transfer data to a computer or other devices.
  • User Re-Calibration Functionality: Supplied with a test block for user calibration.
  • Optional Impact Devices: Various types of impact devices (D/C/DC/D+15/DL/E/G) available to cater to diverse testing needs.


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