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Handheld Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are handheld devices used to measure temperature by detecting the infrared energy emitted by objects. They are widely used across various industries due to their non-contact nature, quick response time, and adjustable emissivity. There are three main types of infrared thermometers, which differ primarily in their temperature ranges and other features. By understanding the different types of infrared thermometers and their application features, users can select the most suitable device for their specific temperature measurement needs.

Application Features:

  • Temperature Range: Various temperature ranges cater to different applications, such as -50°C to 650°C, -30°C to 1350°C, and 200°C to 2200°C.
  • Accuracy: Varying levels of accuracy, generally within ±1.5% to ±3% of the reading, depending on the model and temperature range.
  • Optical Resolution: Ranges from 30:1, 12:1, 50:1, to 80:1, affecting measurement distance and target spot size.
  • Emissivity: Adjustable (0.10~1.00) to account for different surface properties and ensure accurate readings.
  • Response Time: Quick, usually less than 500ms, allowing rapid temperature measurements.
  • Laser Aiming: Options include single beam and circle dots for targeting the measurement area.
  • Additional Functions: Features such as high/low alarms, memory storage, USB connectivity, and max/min/avg/difference calculations.
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