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Encoders are devices used to monitor position, speed, and motion in various applications and can be classified into two main types: absolute and incremental encoders. Both types can be further divided into rotary and linear encoders.

Absolute encoders, also known as position sensors, are ideal for monitoring absolute position with high precision. They provide a digital value of the absolute position and can retain their true position even after a power loss. On the other hand, incremental encoders are used for monitoring speed and relative position, offering lower resolution compared to absolute encoders. They produce A/B quadrature pulses to track relative position and speed but lose this information upon power loss. Fibre optic encoders are particularly advantageous in applications requiring immunity to electromagnetic interference, high voltages, and challenging environmental conditions.

Application features:

  • High precision position monitoring: Ensures accurate tracking of position in various applications, essential for maintaining system performance.
  • Retains true position after power loss (absolute encoders): Allows for quick system recovery and prevents loss of critical position information.
  • Suitable for long-distance applications: Enables operation over extended distances, making them ideal for large-scale installations or remote monitoring.
  • Smaller form factor: Offers compact solutions for space-constrained environments without sacrificing performance.
  • Electromagnetic and high voltage immunity: Provides reliable operation in environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference or high voltage exposure.
  • 100% passive sensing design: Eliminates the need for electronic components in the sensor, reducing the risk of failure in harsh conditions.
  • Immunity to EMI, RFI, lightning, and high voltages: Ensures stable operation in environments with potential electrical disturbances, enhancing system reliability.
  • Wide temperature range: Allows for use in various temperature conditions, suitable for diverse applications and industries.
  • DIN rail mount controller: Facilitates easy installation and integration into control cabinets, simplifying setup and maintenance.
  • Noise-free, closed-loop feedback for precise control: Provides accurate feedback for controlling systems, ensuring optimal performance across different applications.


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