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Digital Signal Converters

Digital Signal Converters play an indispensable role in various applications, particularly in industrial contexts, by adapting signals to suit specific requirements. They handle a wide range of input and output signal levels, maintaining both integrity and quality. Their capability to interface with various systems and conditions underpins their importance in automation and control systems.


Key Features and Products:


  1. DC Voltage Monitoring Unit:
  • Converts specific DC voltage inputs (e.g., 9-36 VDC) to standard outputs like 4-20 mA.
  • High precision with linearity better than 0.5%.
  • Features adjustable filters for signal clarity and relay outputs for control functionalities.
  1. Dual Digital Converter/Isolator:


  • Converts 115/230 VAC signals to produce a consistent 24 VDC output, tailored for PLC inputs.
  • Specifically designed for contact monitoring in environments where typical 24 VDC systems may be unreliable due to factors like corrosion.
  1. Process Signal Splitter:
  • Can replicate one input signal to two isolated outputs, providing redundancy and flexibility in control systems.
  • Wide array of input and output configurations, from current levels (e.g., 4-20 mA) to voltage levels (e.g., 0-10 V) and even resistance.
  • Optional digital outputs and relay outputs for broader integration with systems and control functionality.


General Attributes Across Products:


  • Galvanic isolation is frequently present to ensure protection and accurate signal conversion without interference.
  • Customizable input and output ranges cater to specific application requirements.
  • Enhanced safety with high isolation between inputs and outputs, sometimes exceeding 1000 VAC.
  • Most devices feature adjustable filters to clean up noisy signals and ensure clear data transmission.
  • Calibration sheets, indicating precision manufacturing, are typically provided with each unit.
  • Devices are designed for easy installation, often with DIN rail mounting and in high-quality, self-extinguishing enclosures.

Application Features:


  • Signal conversion for interfacing different systems.
  • Filtering out noisy signals to ensure clarity in data transmission.
  • Providing redundancies in control systems through signal replication.
  • Ensuring safe and isolated signal transmission in environments with potential electrical disturbances.
  • Amplifying or adapting signals to interface with specific equipment, such as PLCs or other control systems.
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