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Dew Point Transducers

Dew point transducers are essential tools designed to assist industries in monitoring the level of condensation in various systems. Moisture and condensation can lead to machinery breakdown, pipe clogging, and product contamination. Therefore, keeping the dew point under control in gas or compressed air systems is critical to prolong the lifespan of equipment and minimize maintenance costs.

These transducers provide accurate dew point measurement with advanced features for faster response times, enhanced stability, and temperature compensation. They also have anti-interference hardware, ensuring accurate and reliable readings in a variety of conditions.

They come with multiple output options and offer a high degree of sensitivity to changes in dew point. These transducers are designed to resist moisture and are equipped with features to compensate for hysteresis and limit the influence of low temperatures on the readings.

Here are the application features of these transducers:

  • Dew point calibration for accurate measurements.
  • High accuracy with 4 … 20 mA and RS-485 output options.
  • Enhanced dew point sensitivity and quick response times.
  • Features for hysteresis compensation.
  • Moisture resistance and EMC anti-interference for reliable performance.
  • Anti-condensation feature and low-temperature influence.
  • Long-term stability for sustained performance.
  • Three thread modes available (1/2″PT, 1/2″G, and 5/8″UNF) for versatility.
  • They can withstand pressure up to 16 bar.
  • Resistant to environmental conditions with an IP65 rating for the housing and IP20 for the probe.
  • Polarity protection, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection features.
  • Constructed with sturdy stainless steel (SUS304) for housing and probe, with a SUS sintered filter (SUS316).
  • Suitable for a wide range of storage and operational conditions.
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