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Box Heaters

Box heaters are versatile heating elements designed to provide uniform heating in enclosed spaces, such as ovens, incubators, and drying cabinets. They are available in various shapes, including traditional box shapes, 3-sided versions, and L-shaped configurations to accommodate different application requirements. Box heaters can be customized in multiple ways to optimize their performance, such as choosing mica insulation, specifying the number of terminations and clamping plates, and selecting the appropriate backing plate material and thickness.

Box heaters offer a wide range of customisation options, including:

  1. Insulation: Mica insulation provides excellent heat retention and temperature uniformity, ensuring even heating across the enclosed space.
  2. Terminations: Multiple termination options are available to cater to different installation and maintenance requirements.
  3. Clamping plates: Choose between 2 or 4 clamping plates to secure the heater in place and ensure optimal heat transfer.
  4. Shapes: Select from various shapes such as box, 3-sided, or L-shaped configurations to fit specific application needs.
  5. Voltage, wattage, and cable length: Specify the required voltage, wattage, and cable length to achieve the desired performance and compatibility with the power source.
  6. Inner dimensions: Customize the inner dimensions (length 1 x length 2 x width) to ensure a perfect fit for the application.
  7. Backing plates: Choose between stainless steel (S3 or S6) or mild steel (M3 or M6) backing plates with different thicknesses to provide structural support and improve heat transfer.
  8. Thermocouple brackets: Select from options like TB6 (1/4″ TC bracket) or TB (3/8″ TC bracket) to accommodate thermocouples for precise temperature control.

These customisation options allow box heaters to cater to a variety of applications and environments, ensuring reliable and efficient heating performance in diverse industries, such as laboratory equipment, baking and drying processes, and industrial ovens.

Application features:

  • Box heaters offer a wide range of customisation options, including insulation type, termination options, clamping plates, shapes, voltage, wattage, cable length, inner dimensions, backing plates, and thermocouple brackets.
  • The design of box heaters ensures even heat distribution within the enclosed space, providing consistent temperature performance in various applications.
  • Box heaters can be used in a variety of industries and applications, such as laboratory equipment, baking and drying processes, and industrial ovens.
  • The choice of insulation material, such as mica, and the use of appropriate backing plates help improve heat transfer and heat retention, resulting in better energy efficiency.
  • The availability of different termination options, clamping plates, and shapes allows for ease of installation and maintenance, catering to specific application requirements and operating conditions.
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