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Air Headers

Air headers, with optional integration of distribution manifolds, are pivotal components in gas delivery systems, providing extensive configurability to suit precise customer requirements. These headers can be tailored with a range of special coatings such as Zinga, Hot dipped galvanizing, Epoxy, and Silver Coat for Carbon Steel Air headers. For stainless steel headers, an Electro Polish finish is available. All Headers are Laser Marked for identification, wherever possible.

Fabricated meticulously, the weld joints of these headers are Argon welded as per ASME SEC IX by skilled personnel. Rigorous testing follows the fabrication, including 100% hydrostatic or pneumatic testing at appropriate pressures. A further 2% of samples are subjected to Dye Penetrant Testing for added assurance of integrity.

Customers can request weld location maps or WPS for approval, with additional testing options such as UT or Radiography tests available. Unless specified otherwise, standard practices adhere to ISO/ISA standards. Each product comes with an EN10204/3.1b Test Certificate.

The technical specifications encompass varied options for Inlet, Main Pipe, Outlet ports, Ports Size, Valves, Drain, Pressure Test, Material of Construction (MOC), and Mounting.


Application Features:


  • Configurable air headers to precisely meet customer requirements.
  • Variety of special coatings available for Carbon Steel Air headers.
  • Laser marking for effortless identification.
  • Weld joints created by skilled personnel in accordance with ASME SEC IX.
  • Rigorous testing including hydrostatic or pneumatic testing, with Dye Penetrant Testing for selected samples.
  • Option for additional UT or Radiography tests upon request.
  • Compliance with ISO/ISA standards, ensuring high-quality products.
  • Comprehensive technical specifications for easy system integration.
  • Various mounting options for flexible installation.
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