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Adapters and Plugs

Adapters and plugs are pivotal fittings used to adjust or seal the flow of the substance being transported in the piping system. They’re versatile and designed to meet a broad range of applications. The major types of these fittings include:


  1. Adapters: They facilitate connections between pipes of different sizes or types. Adapters are often used to accommodate two dissimilar parts of a system, thus providing an important versatility to the piping system.
  2. Reducing Adapters: Reducing adapters are specialized fittings used when the size of the pipe needs to be reduced to accommodate the flow. They connect larger pipes to smaller ones, ensuring a seamless flow.
  3. Reducing Bushings: These fittings are another variety used to decrease the pipe’s size for a smooth flow. Reducing bushings typically have male threads on the outside and female threads on the inside.
  4. Pipe Plugs: Pipe plugs are primarily used to seal off the end of a pipeline to stop the flow. They’re typically threaded and provide an effective solution to prevent leakages or maintain pressure.
  5. Caps: Like plugs, caps are used to seal off the pipe end but from the outside. They provide a protective cover and prevent any foreign material from entering the pipe.


Application Features:


  • Increasing system versatility in plumbing and heating systems
  • Assisting in the management of flow in cooling and air conditioning systems
  • Serving critical functions in water supply and irrigation
  • Ensuring seamless operations in chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Providing secure sealing and connectivity in oil and gas industries
  • Meeting rigorous standards for safety and efficiency in power generation applications.
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