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Vibration Sensors/ Accelerometers

Industrial vibration sensors and piezoelectric accelerometers are integral components used to monitor and analyse vibration patterns in various types of machinery. These devices come in an array of models, each utilizing advanced piezoceramic technologies that operate in either annular shear or compression mode.

General-purpose models provide versatile solutions and are typically used to monitor vibrations in common industrial machinery such as motors, fans, pumps, and paper machine rolls. Compact models offer the same functionality but are designed for installations with limited space.

Models designed for low-frequency applications have increased sensitivity and are ideal for use in low-speed machinery. In contrast, high-frequency models have reduced sensitivity, making them suitable for modal testing or high-frequency measurements up to 20-30kHz.

High-temperature models are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, making them an excellent choice for operations involving high heat. Some models even include a temperature output option, offering a more comprehensive analysis of the machinery’s operation.

Models that utilize the industry-standard 4-20mA Loop are especially useful in industrial settings. These sensors can interface directly with PLC, DCS, and 4-20mA monitors, providing continuous trending of overall machine vibration.

The durable design of these devices ensures their reliability even in harsh conditions. The accelerometers are housed in a welded, hermetically sealed case, which significantly enhances their lifespan. Furthermore, these devices come with various types of connectors for maximum compatibility across different systems and setups.

Application Features:

  • Versatility: The sensors can monitor a wide range of machinery, from fans and pumps to low-speed agitators and high-frequency equipment.
  • Advanced Technology: These sensors utilize advanced piezoceramic technologies for precise vibration measurements.
  • Durability: These devices are built to withstand rigorous industrial use, including high temperatures.
  • Interfacing: The sensors that use the 4-20mA Loop can interface directly with various types of monitors and control systems for continuous monitoring.
  • Sensitivity Options: The devices offer various sensitivity and frequency ranges, ensuring accurate readings in different operational conditions.
  • Compact Design: Some models are compactly designed to fit into installations with limited space.
  • Temperature Output: Some models offer a temperature output for a more comprehensive understanding of machine operation.
  • Hermetically Sealed Case: This design aspect ensures that the sensors are protected from the external environment, enhancing their reliability and lifespan.
  • Variety of Connectors: The devices come with various types of connectors, ensuring maximum compatibility across different systems.
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