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Tube to Female Fittings

Tube to Female fittings are essential for the setup of tubing and piping networks, offering secure connections between tubes and male threaded inlets or outlets. They work by allowing male-threaded ends to screw into their corresponding female threads, establishing a sturdy and leak-resistant assembly.

These fittings are available in a variety of configurations, such as:


  1. Connector NPT (FCN): Designed for both Imperial and Metric series, these connectors facilitate the linking of tubes to male NPT threads.
  2. Connector BSP Taper (FCB): These connectors are developed to establish reliable connections with male BSP taper threads.
  3. Connector BSP (FCB) / BSPP (MCBP): Suitable for use with parallel British Standard Pipe (BSPP) threads, these connectors provide a tight fit.
  4. Bulkhead Connector (FBCN): This kind of connector is utilized when a tube needs to be securely passed through a panel or wall.
  5. Elbow NPT (FEN): Available for both Imperial and Metric series, this L-shaped fitting allows for changes in tube direction at a 90-degree angle.
  6. Run TEE NPT (FRTN): This T-shaped fitting allows for connection of a tube to a male NPT thread in a straight line and a second tube at a 90-degree angle from the right.
  7. Branch TEE NPT (FBTN): Similar to the Run TEE, but the 90-degree connection is made on the branch (bottom part of the ‘T’) rather than the run (top of the ‘T’).


Application Features:


  • Wide-ranging selection – compatible with a broad variety of tube sizes and thread standards, including NPT, BSP Taper, and BSPP.
  • Dependable and secure – guarantees reliable, leak-free performance.
  • Adaptable – appropriate for a vast range of applications across different sectors, such as oil and gas, plumbing, and fluid transfer systems.
  • Easy installation – crafted for simple assembly and disassembly.
  • Directional adaptability – various shapes allow for customized routing, including straight, L-shaped, and T-shaped connections.
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