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Panel Mount Controllers

Panel mount controllers are versatile devices used in various industries for real-time monitoring and controlling of different parameters in a process. These devices can accurately measure and control multiple types of parameters simultaneously, whether it’s two of the same types or a combination of different measurements. They offer flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to customize control settings according to the specific requirements of your process. These controllers are typically easy to install, user-friendly, and designed for optimal performance in harsh industrial environments.


  1. pH/ORP Measurement:

pH/ORP controllers are critical in diverse applications, from water treatment to chemical processes, for measuring and controlling the pH and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). These devices offer precise and stable readings, making them an integral part of maintaining the efficiency and safety of these processes.

  • Measuring range: 014pH, -1999+1999mV
  • High resolution: 0.01pH, 1mV, 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.02pH, ±1mV, ±0.3°C
  • Stability: ≤0.01pH/24h
  • Standard pH liquid: 6.86/4.00/9.18
  • Signal output: 4~20mA (single or dual-channel)
  • Data logging: 50 or 40 history records & history curve


  1. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Measurement:

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) controllers are used in various sectors, including environmental monitoring and wastewater treatment. They measure the quantity of oxygen dissolved in a liquid, an essential indicator of water quality. Some models use fluorescence methods for more accurate readings.

  • Measuring range: 0200μg/L, 020mg/L
  • Resolution: 0.01μg/L, 0.01mg/L, 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±1%FS
  • Signal output: 2-channel 4~20mA current
  • Memory: 50 history records & history curve
  • Optional automatic cleaning


  1. Conductivity (EC) and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Measurement:

EC and TDS meters measure a solution’s electrical conductivity and the total quantity of mobile charged ions in a sample, respectively. Their insights are particularly valuable in water quality testing and food and beverage production.

  • Broad and customizable measurement range: maximum 0~300mS/cm
  • High resolution: 0.01μS/cm, 0.1μS/cm, 1μS/cm, 0.01mS/cm
  • Accuracy: ±2%FS
  • Temperature compensation: NTC10K


  1. Salinity (SAL) Measurement:

Salinity controllers measure the salt concentration in a liquid. They are essential in fields such as aquaculture and marine research.

  • Customizable measurement range: maximum 0~300‰
  • High resolution: 0.1‰
  • Accuracy: ±2%FS
  • Temperature compensation: NTC10K
  • Measurement method: Conductometric method


  1. Free Chlorine (CL) Measurement:

Free Chlorine controllers are integral to water treatment processes, ensuring that the right amount of chlorine is present to disinfect water effectively. Some models offer optional automatic cleaning.

  • Measuring range: HOCL: 010mg/L, Free chlorine: 020mg/L, pH: 0~14
  • High resolution: 0.01mg/L, 0.01pH, 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±2%, ±0.05pH, ±0.5°C
  • Signal output: 1 or 2-channel 4~20mA
  • pH compensation: Automatic/manual


  1. Dissolving Ozone (O3) Measurement:

Dissolving Ozone controllers are vital in applications such as water treatment, food processing, and pharmaceuticals, where ozone is used for its powerful oxidizing properties.

  • Measuring range: 0~20mg/L
  • High resolution: 0.01mg/L
  • Accuracy: ±2 %FS
  • Stability: ≤0.01mg/L/24h
  • Features: No need to replace the membrane or reagents
  • Measuring method: Constant voltage control


  1. Suspended Solids (SS) and Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) Measurement:

SS and MLSS meters are essential in wastewater treatment plants for monitoring the concentration of suspended solids. This information is used to control and optimize the treatment process.

  • Measuring range: 010000mg/L, 050g/L
  • High resolution: 0.1%
  • Accuracy: ±2%FS
  • Repeatability: ±1%
  • Features: 2 point correction method, easy maintenance, cleaning per 3~6 months


  1. Turbidity (TUR) Measurement:

Turbidity controllers measure the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by suspended particles. They’re crucial in several sectors, including drinking water treatment, food and beverage, and environmental monitoring.

  • Measuring range: Flowing: 010,050,0200NTU; Submersible: 0500, 02000, 010000NTU
  • High resolution: 0.1%
  • Accuracy: ±2%FS
  • Measuring method: Infrared light optical method
  • Features: Easy maintenance, cleaning per 3~6 months


  1. Water Hardness (HARD) Measurement:

Water Hardness controllers measure the concentration of certain minerals in water, primarily calcium and magnesium. They are essential in several sectors, such as water treatment, manufacturing, and hospitality.

  • Measuring range: 0~10000mg/L (ppm), range/unit customizable
  • High resolution: 0.01mg/L, 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±5%FS,±0.5°C


  1. Ion (ION) Measurement:

Ion controllers measure the concentration of specific ions (such as fluoride, calcium, or potassium) in a solution, providing valuable data in various fields, including environmental monitoring, agriculture, and food production.

  • Measuring range: 0~20000mg/L (ppm), range/unit customizable
  • High resolution: 0.01mg/L, 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±5%FS,±0.5°C


Application Features:

  • Versatility: Panel mount controllers can measure a wide array of analytical parameters, offering the ability to monitor different aspects of the process with a single controller.
  • High Precision: These devices provide highly accurate measurements, ensuring the reliability of the data collected.
  • Broad Range of Measures: Capable of handling a diverse range of scales, they’re versatile for various applications.
  • Stability: These controllers maintain excellent stability, providing consistent results over extended periods of operation.
  • Ease of Maintenance: They’re designed to require minimal upkeep, reducing operational burdens and downtime.
  • Robust Data Output: With standardized output signals, the controllers ensure the easy integration of data into wider system networks.
  • Compact Design: Designed for panel mounting, they offer a space-efficient solution for any control panel.
  • Memory Function: Certain models feature data storage capabilities, allowing for a review of historical trends and patterns.
  • Multiple Measurement Methods: Utilizing a range of techniques, these devices can adapt to different measuring needs and conditions.
  • Wide Industry Applicability: Their versatile features make them useful in a range of sectors, including water treatment, food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, and environmental monitoring.
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