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Gate Valves

Gate Valves are types of valves that control the flow of fluid within systems using a ‘gate’ or ‘wedge.’ These valves are ideal for applications requiring minimal flow restriction and a straight-line flow of fluid.


Working Mechanism:


Opening and Closing: Gate valves function by lifting or lowering the gates or wedges inside by rotating a hand wheel. When the gates are fully raised, fluid can freely flow through the valves. Conversely, when the gates are fully lowered, they block the fluid path, halting the flow.


Complete Isolation: Gate valves are designed to be either fully open or fully closed, providing complete isolation or unrestricted flow of fluid. They are not typically used for regulating flow due to their design.


In addition to these features, some gate valves, such as Resilient Seal Gate Valves or Wedge Gate Valves, offer additional benefits:


Resilient Seal: The gates are coated with a resilient seal, typically nitrile rubber, providing tighter seals and reducing potential leakage.


Rising and Non-Rising Spindle Options: Some gate valves come with either non-rising spindles or OS&Y (Outside Screw and Yoke) rising spindles, adding flexibility to meet different application requirements.


Application features:

  • Versatility: Gate valves are used in a variety of industries, including water and sewage processing, mining, power generation, and processing plants.
  • Unobstructed Flow: With the gates fully open, gate valves provide minimal flow restriction, allowing for efficient fluid flow.
  • Isolation Capability: They are particularly effective for applications where complete flow isolation is needed.
  • Pressure Tolerance: Gate valves can handle different pressure environments, with some designed for pressure classes 10, 16, and 25.
  • Flanged Connection: Gate valves typically come with flanged connections, which can be drilled according to specific requirements.
  • Material Durability: Many gate valves, including the Resilient Seal Gate Valve variant, feature cast iron bodies, offering corrosion resistance and enhanced durability.
  • Hand wheel Operation: These valves are usually operated manually using a hand wheel, offering reliable operation even during power outages.
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