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Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm valves are versatile and reliable flow control devices designed to handle a variety of fluids and gases. They are ideally suited for corrosive and abrasive applications, providing solutions for a wide array of industry sectors, including mining and other process industries.

The defining characteristic of a diaphragm valve is its innovative design, which features a diaphragm that separates the valve body from the bonnet. This design effectively isolates all working parts from the line fluid, ensuring reliability and longevity, even with the presence of entrained particulates.

A standout advantage of these valves is their excellent sealing characteristics. They can operate and close 100% leak-tight, considerably reducing processing and handling costs by eliminating emissions usually associated with traditional valve designs.

Additionally, their design allows for maintenance and actuator retrofitting without the need to remove the valve from the pipeline. This simplicity of maintenance, coupled with extended service life, reliability, safety, and ease of use, results in a low total cost of ownership.

Application features:

  • Wide range of diaphragms: They can handle abrasives and suspended particles in the line while still providing positive shut-off.
  • Variety of body materials: Options include cast iron, stainless steel, copper alloys, and rubber lined, including hard rubber, offering solutions for abrasive and corrosive conditions.
  • Ease of operation: Features like a comfortable grip handwheel, a rolled thread spindle for easy operation, and low torque for opening and closing, all contribute to user-friendly operation.
  • Lubrication: Pre-lubricated for extended life, the bonnet requires no additional grease, aiding in maintaining smooth operation.
  • Non-turbulent flow: The smooth body design ensures unrestricted flow and minimum pressure drop.
  • Versatility: The valve can be installed in any position without affecting its operation.
  • Enhanced corrosion and erosion resistance: Special linings and diaphragms are available for more demanding corrosive and abrasive applications.
  • Low maintenance: The three-part design allows for easy maintenance and actuator retrofitting without removing the valve from the pipeline.
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