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We offer a wide range of couplings to suit the needs of our clients. Our metal bellows couplings are flexible couplings that use bellows-like elements made of metal to connect two shafts together and allow for misalignment. They are ideal for applications where precise alignment is not possible or not required and are able to handle moderate to high speeds and torques. Our safety couplings are designed to protect equipment and personnel from damage caused by jams or overloads. Our servo insert couplings are rigid couplings that are used to connect the shaft of a servo motor to the load, such as a power tool or machine. They are designed to provide precise and accurate positioning and control of the load and are ideal for high-accuracy and high-speed motion control applications. Additionally, we also offer expanding clamps which use a clamping force to hold the two shafts together and transmit power, inner conical hub which is seated inside a wheel and helps to hold it in place on a vehicle, and outer conical hubs which is seated outside of a wheel and helps to hold machines in place. Each type of coupling has its specific application and it’s important to choose the right coupling for the job, considering the load, speed and alignment requirements of the specific application.


Metal Bellows Couplings:

  • Types: Set Screws, Collet Clamps, Expanding Clamps, Inner Conical Hub, Outer Conical Hubs, and Flange Mounting.
  • Max Speed: 15 000 per minute
  • Hub: Bore Tolerance: H7 Keyway acc. DIN 6885 optional
  • Material: Bellows – Stainless Steel, Hub – Aluminium (Also available in Stainless steel)
  • Temperature Range: -30° ~ 120° C



Safety Couplings:

  • Types: Set Screws, Collet Clamps and Inner Conical Hub.
  • Material: Bellows – Stainless Steel, Hub – Aluminium (Also available in Stainless steel), Collet Clamp Insert – Polyurethan
  • Temperature Range: -30° ~ 120° C ( -30° ~ 90° C for Collet Clamp)


Servo Insert Couplings:

  • Types: Set Screws, Collet Clamps and Outer Conical Hubs.
  • Material: Hub – Aluminium or Stainless steel, Insert – Polyurethan
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