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Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge heaters are versatile and widely used heating elements in various industrial and commercial applications due to their ability to generate heat by converting electrical energy into thermal energy. These heaters are known for their adaptability and customization options, which allow them to be tailored to specific requirements across industries. Cartridge heaters can generally be categorized into four groups: standard, standard with T/C and flexible termination, for distribution tubes, and for torpedo probes. In addition to these four groups, cartridge heaters can be further customized to almost any variation by specifying parameters such as diameter, length, wattage, voltage, termination type, cable length, and the inclusion or exclusion of a thermocouple.

  • Standard Cartridge Heaters: These heaters provide reliable and consistent heating in a variety of applications.
  • Cartridge Heaters with T/C and Flexible Termination: These heaters feature built-in thermocouples for precise temperature control and flexible termination options, which can accommodate various mounting and installation requirements.
  • Cartridge Heaters for Distribution Tubes: Designed specifically for use with distribution tubes, these heaters ensure even and efficient heat distribution throughout the tube’s length, making them ideal for applications requiring uniform heating.
  • Cartridge Heaters for Torpedo Probes: These heaters are designed for use in torpedo probes, which are used to measure temperature in molten materials or other challenging environments. They provide accurate and reliable temperature readings while withstanding extreme conditions.

In addition to these four groups, cartridge heaters can be customized to almost any variation by specifying the following parameters:

Diameter D (mm): Custom diameter to fit various installation spaces and ensure proper heat transfer.

Length L (mm): Custom length according to the desired heating area or application requirements.

Watts (W): Custom wattage to achieve the required heating power for a particular application.

Voltage (V): Custom voltage to match the available power supply or optimize energy efficiency.

Termination type: Various termination options to accommodate different mounting and installation needs.

Cable length (mm): Custom cable length to ensure proper connections in various installation scenarios.

With/without Thermocouple: Choice of including a built-in thermocouple for precise temperature control or opting for a cartridge heater without a thermocouple, depending on specific application requirements.

Application Features:

  • Custom sizing: These heaters can be tailored to specific diameter and length requirements in millimetres, ensuring a perfect fit for various applications.
  • Wattage at 230V: Cartridge heaters can be customized to provide the desired wattage at a standard voltage of 230V, allowing for optimal performance and energy efficiency.
  • Versatility: Due to their various types and configurations, cartridge heaters can be used in a wide range of applications, including plastic processing, packaging, mould and die heating, and process heating.
  • Durability: Cartridge heaters are designed to withstand harsh environments and maintain their performance over time, making them a reliable choice for numerous industrial applications.
  • Precision: With built-in temperature control features, cartridge heaters offer precise and consistent heating, ensuring optimal results in various processes.
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