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Absolute Pressure Meters with Connectable Probes

Absolute Pressure Meters (with connectable probes) are equipped with connectable probes, allowing them to measure a broad spectrum of metrics including air humidity, temperature, dew and absolute pressure. They can connect with two plug-in probes and receive readings from three additional radio probes, making it a versatile tool for comprehensive environmental assessments. These meters are designed for robust, reliable, and comprehensive environmental measurements. It’s a highly versatile tool, adaptable to diverse applications requiring advanced data capture and analysis. Its ability to work with multiple probes, both plugged-in and wireless, sets it apart as an invaluable tool for professionals across various fields.


Application Features:


  • Connectable Probes: The instrument can be paired with optional probes to record metrics like air humidity, temperature, absolute pressure, dew point in compressed air, material moisture, surface temperature, core temperature, and U-value.
  • Multiple Probes Attachment: The device allows connection with two plug-in probes and can wirelessly receive readings from up to three additional temperature or humidity probes, enhancing its data capturing abilities.
  • Dew Point Calculation: This instrument is capable of calculating the dew point and dew point distance, vital for monitoring humidity and temperature in various environments.
  • Absolute Pressure Measurement: In addition to other functionalities, the device specializes in precise absolute pressure measurement, crucial for many technical and scientific applications.
  • Comprehensive Data Display: The instrument displays minimum, maximum, and mean values of the measurements, providing a broad understanding of the monitored parameters.
  • Optional Wireless Data Transfer: An optional radio module can be attached to the device to enable wireless measurement data transfer from radio probes, covering a distance of up to 20 meters.
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